// Character can alter her looks at will, so description might be a bit... lacking.//

Name: Angelica
Race: Subject to change
Age: Usually young adult
Gender: Female, but can change at will
Height: Subject to change
Eyes: Subject to change

Angelica often looks like a young woman, although the details and colors of her appearance often change from time to time. In her preferred form she's a beautiful young human woman with high cheekbones, full luscious lips and beautiful eyes that often twinkle void of emotion. Her body often as much an image of ideal beauty, she often seems almost too good to be true in physical sense.

Socially Angelica was an entirely different creature. Her demeanor and behaviour can change quite drastically from time to time, yet often she seems almost confused and absent - staring into nothing or through people absently, failing to make eye contact or properly acknowledge people talking to her or around her via body language. Her voice often clear and pleasant to hear, yet also from time to time void of emotion.

Seemingly curious and eager to learn and discover things, Angelica tends to learn fast and has a good memory.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human