Vorag Colborn

Race: Orc(Malaugrym)

Height: 6'9

Pertinent Information: To creatures with truesight or the ability to see the weave it'd be obvious the tattoos have some warding properties.


Vorag wears a constant glower; something near a scowl that indicates his consistent displeasure with pretty much everything. He carries himself with an air of confidence and dignity, posture rarely faltering from tall and upright. To those perceptive enough to notice, his sickly off-yellow eyes dance over others like a butcher inspecting a hog; a kind of feral, bloated mix of ego and intelligence that belongs more to a predatory animal than a old black Orc.

It would be no misnomer to call him "massive" - relative to a normal Human, at the least. The circumference of any given limb was akin to a tree stump; arms hewn from rugged muscle and scar-flesh, bicep thicker than the average skull.

His jaw protruded ever so notably, giving him the distinct Orcish underbite- accompanied by the fat, porcine nose, he looked like a stereotypical caricature of "his people."

Nigh on every inch of exposed skin is leathery and weather-worn by criss-crossing scars and sprawling designs of golden ink that seemed to writhe when he moved. They all trail to unseen flesh, converged at his chest and belly.



Honestly, pretty much everything. Greatly enjoy storydriven RP and ERP both, though the focus unless someone propositions me for plot* is usually on the latter.

Violent sex, storydriven RP, rape, suprise, romance, interesting characters, smaller-sized characters of either gender (of any scale, just a smaller then Vorag-type deal), feminine/girly males and any type of female. Using multiple characters(on request for gangbangs/DP), bulging, the list goes on.

Yellows: Just let me know if you're interested in any of these and I'll probably be up for it. Am fairly tell-friendly though I might forget to reply.

Anything that requires a notable time commitment; slavery, permanent capture, etcetera.

Red: Poop.  

I'm tell friendly but pretty reserved. Feel free to contact me for RP or chat.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc