Samir is a very tall and strong looking black guy, he is serious but not without humor. His scars and eyes shows that he had a rough early life, he is probably a warrior of some time.

Update : He has been wandering around Sinfar for a few days now, making his way, from having nothing to getting a sword and armor, he is now one of the many adventurer and mercenaries around here.

He rarely visits the city, mostly from times between adventures or a small vacations. In which he is always looking for women, he has a fixiation for pale girls which were from the ruling class when he was a slave.

Greens: White girls obviously, humans and sometimes an elf or half elf, sub girls, sweet girls, interracial, married girls or girls in relationships, seducing a lesbian, cheating, getting girls pregnant, name calling , sweaty sex, deep throats, rimming, redheads, blondes, noble born girls, etc.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human