A young dwarf lass, who appears to be a few years past the convential age where she might be married off.  She has piercing blue eyes and is a bit tall and slender for a dwarl girl, but curvy by others standards.  She clearly has seen a bit of adventuring and has some basic gear, and a toned athletic look to her body.  Despite her experience she is still a bit of a novice fighter.  

Her features might surprise those who assume stories that dwarven females look the same as males, her curves and face making her rather attractive even by non dwarven standards.  Her skin is pale, smooth, and warm, her breasts are round and perky and her most notable feature is her wide hips that curve out to form a firm heart shaped rear, held up by curvy toned thighs.

She often walks around wearing flexible leathers, chainmail, and some light plate preferring to be prepared for combat or at least portraying that idea.  Sometimes though she does let her hair down and wear a dress, and while this does show off her natural beauty she seems ill at ease in the garments, armor seeming more natural to her.  She can be particularly agitated while wearing casual clothes if people presume her to be something other than a warrior, and uncomfortable if they comment positively on her looks, not wanting to be seen as a lovely dwarf lass.

If asked she would give her name as Laera, and offer no last name.  Her demeanour would drive home her dwarven hertiage in how short of words she can be and a bit gruff, despite her pretty eyes she is no damsel.  Laera is a bit frustrated in general due to being driven out of her clan when her family discovered an unsavory arcane  nature to her.  Laera herself avoids fostering her sorcerous talents, aside from empowering runic magics and enchantments.  She seeks to fashion herself as some form of shield maiden, and through deeds of slaying and combat regain her honor.  

Laera is quite sure of herself, and has pride in being a dwarf despite her setbacks.  She can be a bit overconfident in her fighting abilities believing dwarves are natural fighters, and she has little respect for dwarves (or anyone) who doesnt fit her idea of a warrior.  Her attitude hides an uncertainty within though, and a fear at being alone she would never admit.  her overconfidence combined with youthful naivety can get her in over her head at times.  She is also somewhat closed minded to help, desiring to make her own path.  Her personal issues, dwarven nature, and distaste for "savage" beings such as orcs, goblins, and other beasts can make her bump heads with people and things.  She also is not particularly open to advice from other dwarves, especially duergar and other "lesser" dwarves, and can be a bit hot headed when they try to tell her what to do.  Her disrespectful, rude, and uptight tone might motivate some to bump their hot head up against the lovely lass, and show her how she can help them take a load off to make up for her attitude.

RP and Lights:  This char is open to adventuring and social rp, combat rp, and sexual rp.  The lights below detail what could be "bad endings" to adventures, or betrayals.

(this char is not interested in anything sexual with anyone, and will resist as best she can, will never be happy doing things, and I like to RP out situations with some dice rolls.  Do try to do horrbile spurting things to her however, dont expect her to be into it.  She is not wanting or expecting a fat cocked goblin thug to pin her down and pump her full of cum, she wont enjoy it.  I like fear, I like this char being afraid of whats happening to her, horrified, and disgusted, and her assailant not caring)

REDS: Non males, scat, torture, children, unrealistic stalking, OOC except when absolutely needed, mind control, drugs, forced enjoyment, excessive beating

Yellow: Anal (only if other holes are occupied), elves, pretty boys, handsome gentlemen (I like a contrast to her noble upbringing), oral (okay if not the main event)

Green: Thugs, rough types, unsavory types, dirty ugly ruffians, dishonourable unsavory dwarves, lechers, stalking, name calling, insults, teasing, groping, hungry unsettling drooling lust stares, trickery, deception, pulling her into your lap without asking

WHITE (Favs): Goblins (preferably close to her size), Orcs, duergar, beastmen,  Monsters, strange creatures, Anthro animals, thick throbbing cocks, strange cocks, large cocks, oozing drooling cocks, rubbing poking proding her with those big cocks, teasing nuzzling threatening her sex with a swollen tip, cum, pumping her full of it, breeding, rape, gangbangs,licking, light biting,  rape for pleasure, rape for breeding, sloppy messy hungry rape,  scaring her with the threat of rape, stalking her abducting her, making her afraid, sex with clothes on, pushing up her skirt and taking her, back alleys
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human