Re'lir Twicebound

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Tall and built like a soldier with chiseled musculature - though he looks like some sort of elf. He stands ethereally comely and tall.

His mannerisms - often outright raffish and with that swagger that looks like he'd be more at home in an alleyway, might offset the soldierish air about him, otherwise.

He is often clad in leather or magically imbued cloth armors designed for movement and combat. He is also often hooded in public.

His eyes can sometimes be made out. An intense shade of copper that often seek eye contact and bite in when they obtain it, they gleam gold under firelight. His skin is of the same goldish hue as the sun elves of Faerun.

Lights: Bring it on. Just immerse me and limit the ooc and we're good.

- This is a fictional character and doesn't represent me OOC. I am happy to roleplay tension or even hostility and still be buddies with the player on the other side. HAVE FUN!

I don't use the 'ignore' option often, BUT WHEN I DO....

- I do my best to be as inclusive as possible, however please be aware Rei's become busy IC with several different quests and arcs requiring time and attention (I also have RL to contend with like everyone else).
I'm a human being with limited time, ability to follow text, and energy, not a robot.
If you enjoy RPing with me thank you!
However, priority will always be given to players who can show maturity, respect and patience.

Guilt trips or passive aggression (IC or OOC) will:
1.) not work and
2.) probably offput me from roleplaying with you in future.

Thanks for understanding, have fun!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Elf