Since she got corrupted and gifted with her own Cock, she is on the hunt for nice Girly looking things to enjoy her time with them. She has a much bigger plan, most of the time, but you need to figure it out by yourself!

She turned from completly submissive to the complete Opposite, there arent many left which she serves happylie, but from time to time her masochistic self comes through and she screams for some punishment.

Lights: its to much to list them all one by one, but its rather simple ... i like most of the Stuff, if you have something special in mind, feel free to ask. Right now im on the Hunt for some rape scenarios.

Tell friendly! Please dont be afraid to say hello to me! I dont bite,  cant promise the same for Synestra! ;)

A few of my Fetishes:
High Heels, rough Sex, being dominated and corruption/body changing.

Corruption and Transformation are a huge Plus, if it is your character or Synestra depends on the Scene. Sadly my laptop cant handle changes very well and it freezes quickly while doing it. So i would gladly ask you to do so, ifits a visible character Change.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human