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Race: Pixie
Height: 1' 8'' (May change with use of magic)
Weight: 4.7 lbs (Proportional to her height, when she uses magic to get to about 5'2'', she will have about 120 lbs)
Age: Impossible to determine by observation, as pixies are ageless and due to their playful, sometimes childish attitude it is equally impossible to determine it from her behavior
Hair: Blonde, hip length
Eyes: Large, blue and cute
Wings: Semi-transparent, fragment light into all kinds of oclors with emphasis on pink and blue

Petal is a petite pixie with unusualy curvy and feminine body for her kind, which in turn causes her to be slightly less agile and quick compared to others of her kind.

She is pink, cheerful and pink. She does seem to be fairly innocent and cuddly. When met with nice and friendly treatment, she can be very loyal friend, but if someone is mean to her or her friends, they better watch out for angry, toe stabbing pixie.

Permadeath, Extreme cruelty, Scat

All genders, All races, Pretty much everything not listed elsewhere
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human