Rolan Tane

Aged and war-worn yet something still strikes as alive in his steel blue eyes.  Scars show upon his sun bronzed skin.  Faint traves of white streak through his amburn hair.

If upon careful inspection you would see upon his right hand, A well worn gemmed right. It is inset with six gems... three still seemingly to glow.

Age wise he is a well preserved late 50's.

His story continues.. maybe ask?

Yes this character is married.   With multiple toons.  I am always forward in that regard.  To me marriage is a commitment of players/toons to spend time together but not so much to smother each other.

Please feel free to send a tell.  Play wise prefer roleplay development to casual pickups.

Experienced Roleplayer.  Respect offered and expected. Hello
Player:Gregory Prescot III
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human