Cali Notton

Name:  Cali Notton
Age:  26
Race:  Half-Elf
Eye Color:  Violet
Hair Color:  Blond
Place of Employment;  Infernal Pleasures

Cali was born to a human mother and elven father. Their long standing and public affair producting an heir did not amuse her Lord father's barren wife.  Cali was sold by her mother to a brothel at the age of 14.

Initally, she worked as a housekeeper for the madame and her prostitutes.  The women taught her the tricks of the trade. Primarily, how to stay safe, seduce men, entice them to spend money on her.  She learned dancing  and how to use her body to pleasure.  The trade came naturally to her as did the other skills the women taught her.  She learned to enjoy her work and before she moved on had an extensive client list, commanding top dollar at the brothel.

Today, she can be found dancing and working as an escort at Infernal Pleasures in Sinfar.  Her rates for private dances and to fullfill the fantasies and desires of her clients is expensive, allowing her to be selective in accepting clients.  

Reds:  Skat, toilet play, permanent damage/death

Yellows:  Extreme bondage, women,rape *Can be worked out if it makes sense in the rp, she is a prostitute so there is a level of danger in what happens once the door is locked*

Greens:  Men, role playing fantasies, dancing, prostitution, rough sex, vanilla, vagina, creampies, large cocks, etc.  Pretty much anything her clients desire within the limits of her yellows and reds.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf