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- Basic appearance -

Name: Sarah;
Weight: 252 lbs;
Eye colour: Blue;
Height: 6'6";
Cup size: 47 GG;
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual;
Body build: Shapely and buxom.

- Physical description -

Sarah is a rather tall and voluptous figure which bears are deep chocolate skin tone as well. Starting with her hair, it has a knee reaching length, it's as white as the purest of snows which shines when any source of light bathes it and it does have a very silky and smooth texture to the touch. Her dark face has a docile rounded shape upon it, adorned with snowy eyebrows and eyelashes that come with her big and round blue eyes as well. Her slightly pouty and plush lips are always painted with a dark coloured lipstick to complete that delicious chocolate look and she does have a cute little nose and a slightly pronounced chin.

Moving down to her shapely torso, it is a bit to the broad side when supporting those two massive and lewd chocolate mounds that are her breasts, clearly if one were to measure, they would be in the double G cup size which also sloush soundly if she moves too quicky as they are filled to the brim with her rich flavoured and creamy milk. However, if one were to attempt to milk them dry, they would find such task impossible to achieve as like her mother, Sarah's milk supply is endless. Still upon her shapely torso, it does curve down inwards when reaching down to her soft tummy, bearing some good toning but not too much as her waist does give that waspish look as well.

Moving further down from her waist, her flared up and very wide hips seem quite suited for perpetual child bearing with plenty of flesh to grasp and fondle as they are attached to these thick and supple dark thighs, having a good toning upon them before it seems to have equine-like knee joints when coming down to her shins, which have a snowy and silky coat of fur upon them until ending on her cute slightly larger than average equine hooves. Coming back up again to focus on her tush, they are two quite enormous globes of flesh indeed, ample and well rounded, giving out that "big ass" look that any shapely buxom would give, but even more as those rear cheeks woggle and jiggle in a juicy way as Sarah sways her hips while in walking.

Finally, when she wears more revealing garments of which she usualy does since it's in her nature to do so, one could see a gargantuan horse sheath attached to her crotch which conceals her beastly equine shaft inside. If she is to become aroused enough, it extends to it's full veiny and very thick length with a very engorged blunt tip. Bellow that, is her quite swollen and heavy looking sack which conceals her dark, eternaly plump and snuggly and hairless cunny folds, looking larger than an average Human female's nethers but it doesn't make it any less tighter either. Yet it does mean she is able to take monstrous cocks in there and the same goes for her puckered anal ring, larger and snuggly looking than average, it has a very fleshy look upon it and such flesh is quite darker than her skin's tone, making it all the more desirable to push big things in there too.

- OOC information -

Redlights: Things that break server rules.

Greenlights: Everything else.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human