Lirelle Sedai

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The Wheel weaves with a sense of humor.



1. At a Glance
2. Description
3. Abilities
4. Lore & Personality
5. Plot Hooks
6. Setting Continuity
7. OOC Notes
8. Sexy Stuff


At a Glance

Name: Lirelle Pentrache
Pronunciation: Leer-el Pen-trahk
Honorifics: Sister, Lirelle Sedai, Lirelle Aes Sedai.
Race: Tairen - Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Sex: Female
Age: Appears ageless; sixties.
Height: Middling - 5'9" - 175cm
Build: Voluptuous hourglass
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Eyes: Green



While Lirelle is delightfully beautiful in a delicate, aristocratic way, there's something unusual about her appearance: she isn't young, exactly, but neither is she old. The more one looks at her, the more one is left with the impression of vexing agelessness, made even more peculiar by the complete lack of features suggestive of a supernatural bloodline.

Her green eyes are large, with long lashes and sleek, neatly trimmed eyebrows. She possesses a straight, slightly upturned nose and a small, pouty mouth with full lips typically glossed red. Fine blonde hair frames her gently heart-shaped face, and she is rarely seen without a slender golden circlet sporting a large, dangling ruby. Her skin is soft, unblemished, and fair, suggesting that she doesn't spend too much time outdoors, and is certainly a stranger to any sort of physical labor. Her makeup is done in subtle, tasteful ways that indicate restraint born of social sophistication. The earrings and necklaces she favors all tend toward elegantly simple silhouettes but feature the sort of precious gemstones that convey status and the impression of great wealth.

The woman is alluringly voluptuous, and her curves tend to strain against her attire in ways that are not entirely modest, despite the best efforts of her tailors. Her weight all seems to go to her bust, rear, and thighs -- her waistline is narrow and often kept bound by a bodice or corset, giving her a perfect, balanced hourglass silhouette. Judging by her attire, she originates from a place with a style of dress teetering between the medieval and renaissance periods. She typically favors outfits that show little skin, or an amount of cleavage at least intended to be tasteful, though this impression is muddled by her buxomness.

She seems to favor the color red, and wears a solitary golden ring shaped like a serpent biting its own tail. Even a modestly thoughtful observer might recognize this as a universal symbol for eternity or time. At times, she will carry a slender black staff crowned by a trio of red crystals.

None of her possessions radiate any perceptible aura of magic.



Lirelle's abilities do not easily map to D&D. Mechanically, she is a sorceress. Her mode of spellcasting, called Channeling, occurs at-will, with no preparation required, and does not expend a resource; however, it can be exhausting, and her performance degrades as she fatigues.

She possesses the following abilities according to the conventions of her native setting. If this jargon means anything to you, please come write with me!

Saidar Strength Level: 14 (2)

- Air (Gifted)
- Earth (Weak)
- Fire (Middling)
- Spirit (Middling)
- Water (Gifted)

- Air Control (Middling)
- Cloud Dancing (Middling)
- Compulsion (Gifted)
- Healing (Weak)
- Reading Residues (Gifted)
- Tie Weaves (Middling)
- Shielding (Gifted)

Lirelle knows most of the Weaves common among Aes Sedai, and is particularly skilled with Compulsion and Shielding. She has knowledge of Balefire, but little experience with it.

Notable Possessions
- Great Serpent Ring
- Crystal-Tipped Staff
- Ruby Circlet (Angreal)


Lore & Personality

Lirelle is an original character from the Wheel of Time. She is an Aes Sedai -- a member of a cabal of sorceresses renowned for their magical artifice and political power. Cast through a Portal Stone, she now finds herself among the planes, isolated from her home and surrounded by foreign influences.

She is a sister of the Red Ajah, a subgroup dedicated to policing the use of magic, focusing particularly on hunting down and dispatching the male sorcerers of her world, who inevitably wreak havoc as they succumb to the madness inherent in their spellcraft.

Given her background, Lirelle has little use for men, and tends to suspect their motives by default. Accustomed to the respect owed her station by the people of her world, she may come across as aloof to those who behave informally toward her.

She has the poised demeanor of a noble, or at the least someone with a wealthy upbringing, and is quite fussy regarding her attire. But when her composure breaks, her temper can be explosive.

Now an exile, Lirelle is simultaneously homesick and curious about her new environment. She's picked up a bit of a drinking habit to cope with the shock of displacement.


Plot Hooks

Wizardry. The various forms of magic Lirelle now encounters interest her greatly, though she has yet to cultivate any proficiency with them.

Saidar. Conversely, she is quite skilled with her own form of magic, which is genetically heritable. She doesn't expect to find any wilders or potentials in this place -- but who knows?

Lore. Lirelle is an intellectually curious woman, always eager to learn about new places, people, and ideas. Perhaps she'll even find a way back home.

Courtly Graces. Easily capable of blending with aristocracy, Lirelle reads social situations as adroitly as any dusty tome. A useful advisor to any noble.


Setting Continuity

On the off chance that Lirelle meets another Wheel of Time character, she's written as having inadvertently vanished from Tar Valon several years prior to the events of The Eye of the World. Feel free to recognize her if appropriate!


OOC Notes

Tell-friendly. I try to remain approachable and considerate! Just don't be weird, clingy, or catty, please.

I'm sometimes AFK, but will try very hard not to AFK during a committed scene.

I always enjoy literacy and thoughtful story-driven roleplay. My interest in SRP varies with my mood and I may not always feel up for it.

I am easily capable of multi-paragraph roleplay but generally prefer to keep posts shorter and snappier. This may vary with context, however.


Sexy Stuff

Lirelle is a switch in SRP, interested in women, and her preferences vary significantly with context. She skews detached and dominant for casual encounters. Romance and emotional intimacy greatly expand her options.


Women. Femininity. Plots without smut. Plots with smut. Smut with a plot. Character development. Long-term. Literacy. Wit. Flirtatiousness. Sarcasm. Wry humor. Tragedy. Ambiance. Socializing and games. Romance (quite picky, however!). Sophistication. Class. Luxury. Aristocracy. Spellcasters. Erotic magic. Aphrodisiacs. Wine. Mentor and student. Bickering and reconciliation. Drunken sex. Angry sex. Angry drunken sex.

Oral. Licking. Face-sitting. Vaginal. Anal. Discipline. Denial. Light pain. Light bondage. Leather. Lace. Toys. Biting. Tasteful messiness. Hair-pulling. Braid-tugging. Humans. Elves. Half-elves. Fey. Aasimar.

Shemales. Herms. Random hookups. Multiple partners. Demons. Devils. Drow. Vampires.

Men. Halflings, dwarves, and gnomes. Bestial races. Furries. The usual gross things. Low-effort approaches and blank profiles.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human