You spy... a jester! If she's standing still, she's almost perpetually bouncing in place as she does a light clip-clop-clip of an energetic sort. Her movements are graceful, swift and always carrying a little embellishment of theatrical flair! A giggle easily emitted whenever she speaks and a general aura that just seems to brighten anyone's mood.

Her attire is snug. Latex-tight with frilly cloth here and there. Colors garishly splashed in hues of purple, gold, black and silvery-white. Twin tails of hair atop her head are styled into dyed locks of gold and purple. Her horns even mirroring an inverse of such colors. A mask almost always adorns her face, though even without her mask a youthful and smiling face is powdered marble-white! A little domino eye-diamond over her left eye.

Mis-matched orbs of purple and green glimmer with vigor and energy. Her hooves capped in gold and blacksteel, little baubles and bells dangle off her attire, which chime whenever she bounces in place and clip-clops in a near-riverdance style excitedness.

Otherwise, she's entirely feminine and does not magically grow a massive schlong of her own accord.


This character is not made for trolling anyone OOCly, if you want to pummel her face or laugh along with her, feel free to do either. Calamity is an actual jester, and therefore tends to mock and poke everyone she meets.

If this for any reason makes you feel uncomfortable, or upsets you OOCly, let me know in a polite private message and I can move on elsewhere. I don't seek to make anyone /actually/ angry at me, the player.

Expect puns.*
Expect eyerolling jokes.*
Expect clowning.*

Anyone else smell toast?

For those of you who really need a detailed list of kinks she gets involved in! Check the link above.

She definitely has brain damage. Anyone else seeing purple in random places? Weird.

Bet you didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!*
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human