Alandra Lyonsbane

Alandra is a woman of 26 years old, standing 5.9 with straight blonde long hair, her face is quite good looking with green eyes and simetrical features. At some days she wears a friendly smile and a happy attitude but others she seem to be sad.

Her body is very femenine and she doesnt seem a stranger to training but she is not all tonned. Her overall look is the one of a very cute and sweet girl next door. She usual dress modestly and never too revealing (atleast not in public).

In rare ocations you can see her wearing an armor and shields with a Sun painted on it. She also wears a pendant that never seems to be away from her.

Greens: Alandra is a Lesbian, she is probably not very interested in random sex with people. She have a thing for redheads and strong girls, theres many other greens if she feels confortable with.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human