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Catching the eyes of most from afar, Bah'rosh was a massive beast of a proud, black furred Leonian, observing his surroundings with calm alertness, through a pair of large, sapphire blue eyes. Should one find oneself the target of his gaze, it was easy to get lost in it. Like an animal of prey being gazed upon by a predator, so too could his gaze almost seem hypnotic, in the same way a deer would be hypnotized by a set of headlights.
Despite his somewhat intimidating aura, he was certainly not unpleasant to behold. His body was muscled and toned, leaving no doubt that he was a warrior of some sorts, and the various scars on his frame also hinted at this profession. Ranging from the short, deep cuts of a blade on his chest, to long, engulfing lashes of a whip on his back, they told the story of the bonds of slavery broken long ago. It was easy to imagine that servitude did not suit this massive beast, and that he was more likely destined to be the alpha-male of his own little harem of lionesses. Even newer scars of superficial cuts along his forearms were unmistakably those of a sailor controlling the ropes of a boat out at sea. His torso was somewhat long, which gave him a more feline appearance, and his gait was a relaxed stride, walking about the streets of Sinifer at his own pace. With his back held straight, he radiated a natural confidence and pride, which some might even mistake for arrogance.
Framing his feline face was his coarse and chaotic mane, once again hinting at his untamable nature. On top of his head peeking from that mane were a pair of rounded ears, flickering and turning whenever someone would approach him from behind. His muzzle was almost always lightly curled at a bit of a smirk, as if he knew something others did not, though this was most likely due to his feline appearance.
Bah'rosh was often seen around the docks district, either standing by the boats and looking out at the rocking masts, or inside one of his favorite bars, searching for company brave enough to approach someone like him, and look beyond his intimidating exterior.

Very few, though some things I've tried and not cared much for are: Large partners (Strong women are okay, but centaurs, female orcs, and the like are a turn-off). Taking an overly submissive role; he's dominant in nature, and will usually act as such. Drama. One/two-liners.


Many, but just to mention a few off the top of my head: Female, Shemale, Male (mostly femboys and traps). Anal, oral, vaginal. Size-difference, stretchplay, tearing. Treating his partner like a fuck-toy/cocksheath. Begging, worshipping, general sluttiness, depravity, pain-sluttiness. Nonconsent/reluctance, rape as a consequence of provoking. Dirty, rough sex (including drool, mucus, tears, juices, cum, blood, piss, dirty anal, ass-to-mouth etc.). Dirty, unsanitary places (a back-alley, some sleazy bar, the restroom of some sleazy bar, etc.).

Disclaimer: A scene does not have to involve the more extreme things on my list. While I will not force it upon someone, it is welcomed, and if a cue is given I will definitely play along.

Player is tell friendly
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc