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Name: Ember
Last Name: She never gave it. Anything you've heard is probably incorrect.
Species: Looks like a kitsune
Size: 4'10-6'5
Gender: Female
Skin: Beach Barbie Tan
Hair: Red
Eyes: Vulpine Orange
Bust: K+
Figure: Athletic, buxom, feminine
Teeth: White, elongated and sharp canines
Scent: Lavender
Detect Alignment: Currently rates as NE outsider. Paladin nosebleed levels.
Legend Lore: Low rolls may be dangerous. Some knowledge can kill or worse.
Direct attempts at scrying: You find out she's warded. Her stuff tends to be, too. Yes, this can be dispelled, with more or less effort depending on your CL. I'm just going to assume you'll be reasonable about it.
Familiar: Redwall Rat*

With an athletic build, well-pronounced bosom adorable fuzzy ears and a tiny vulpine tail above her luscious, heart-shaped derriere,Ember's appearance is that of the quintessential Sinfarian kitsune: Slutty, verging on trashy, a sporty feminine fox that truly deserves the label 'vixen'. The open, curious, and sometimes slightly vapid expression on her face may well have killed the cat a dozen times over, especially when it slips into a mischievous, yet adorable, fang-framed smile.

Should one not be looking at her face, her most noticeable asset are most definitely her perfectly sculpted, slightly tanned breasts, which tend to bounce in the rhythm of her high heels steady clack on the pavement when she moves.  Upon her back's left shoulder part, a fair amount of cutesy hearts have been inked into her flesh, a simple design, like a rainbow or a starburst made of little signs of affection that seem to accentuate the very subtle curves of her upper back.

Below the body art and the tits lays a slender waistline, widening out into a juicy, round ass and long, slender legs. When visible, her lower back and upper ass are adorned by an elaborate, elegant antler tattoo complete with a rather vulgar in content, but ornate in calligraphy, 'Sex Doll' right in the middle. Other adornments include a ring piercing through her clit from which a golden 'K' dangles down, as well as a dark metal ring with what looks to be a ruby set in the middle on the appropriate finger.

Her ass has received a bit more writing of late, a scrawled, black inked 'Draenei Cum Reservoir' denoting a proper function for the stacked bimbo bitch, while a frequent lay of hers has seen fit to tattoo her left bun with her name and the role in their probably somewhat unhealthy relationship. Thus, 'Irestya's Slut' is stamped firmly on her ass and likely there to stay.

Appearence may vary. The above is the 'baseline'.

Theme of the day:

Pic reference tits:


Autoconsent mechanically = Autoconsent IC

Whites: Letting your dick do the talking for you, Prostitution, Porn, Slut Training(receiving), Cock Worship (giving), Hard (S)exploitation (receiving).

Greens (Assume receiving for everything): Big dicks, bimbofication, biting,  body art, brain drain/mind control, chauvinists, choking, clawing, creativity, dom/sub, drugs, groping/molestation, house calls, living insertions, monsters&beasts, multiple partners,non-&dub-con, not letting her cum (incl. pump and dump), racism, rough&selfish partners,  sexism, Skull-&Earfucking, sexual torture, sloppy throat fucks, verbal abuse/dirty talk, watersports.

Reds: Small talk. Being dominant. Small talk. Long-term capture(short term is fine). Small talk. Kissing and cuddling. Small talk.

Granny face. 99% of the femboys on the server. Elven males; yes, this includes 'he's really a devil but he looks like an elf'. Friendly buddy buddy monsters. Meaningless small talk. "Nice guys".

TLDR: Be sexy and have a solid character. Also, she's pretty easy and down for pretty much anything. Unfortunately for topics like 'the weather', it's possible to turn her off by talking too much without actually saying anything.

Something to be aware of:
Crowds. I have a limited tolerance for them, especially if it involves smalltalk. If I am in whispers with someone, stay away.  

*Pic reference familiar:

Player:Put That Cookie Down
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human