Magenta Wyrd

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         A Quick Look
Full Name
- Maeko (Truth Child!)
Nickname - Magenta, or Mags
Height - 5'2
Race - Kitsune
Sex - Male
Build - Slender with decent hips and a full, well rounded booty. He's a femboy, are you surprised?
Eyes - A light, soft cherry color that trends just a bit more red than the rest of him.


From first glance, it was apparent this kitsune had a different streak than most. His androgynous, pretty features were adorned with four different piercing's of various color; a barbell on the outer edge of his right eye, another just below his bottom pouty lip, and a ring through the bridge of his nose and it's septum. Even with those artificial additions though, that touch of mysticism his race bore still stood out too in the form of faint, purple lines along the edges of his cheeks and chin. All of this stood out even more too, thanks to his creamy pale complexion.

Magenta's name clearly didn't come from nowhere, with his reddish-purple locks being just as eye catching as his piercing's. Fluffy ears poked up atop his head through it, and while they weren't huge? They were a shade darker on the outside, and a little lighter on the inside, making it easy enough to notice them. His ears were also vulpine in nature, giving quite the hint to his heritage even at a glance. Lastly, he seemed to favor a few accessories. He'd often be seen wearing a bandana around his neck or goggles atop his head.

Even with clothing on, it was clear that Magenta's build was more lean. His favored coats hid this to some degree, but his frame was definitely more svelte,  
more slender than most men. He didn't have exaggerated curves, just a gracefully smooth figure all told.. With a touch of a flare to his hips, to support something that every male of his sort seemed to have...

A booty! The kitsune's ass wasn't gigantic, but all that time spent running and climbing had blessed him with some tasty cheeks to cap off his sylphlike form. It was the beautiful balance that one would hope for, too. Enough to jiggle and bounce when smacked or on the rare occasion that he teased with a wiggle of his hips, but not enough to disrupt that luscious roundness, that supple, smooth figure his ass maintained.

It wasn't just his favorite coats that'd obstruct his cheeks though, given the kitsune also had the characteristic tail.. And what a tail it was! Fuzzy and soft was an understatement, and the sheer downy, fluffy nature of that appendage was welcoming enough to cuddle up against for hours... Days, even!

His ears and tail were essentially the only parts of him that could be considered "hairy", with the entire rest of his body silky smooth and soft. That extended of course to our final stop on this journey, his crotch. His pubic region was devoid of hair, as was his soft, modest sized balls. He wasn't blessed with the biggest dick around, but the tasty girth he did have probably defied expectations given his build. He'd be seen getting up to around seven inches when he was aroused!


Magenta often seemed like he was drifting off in thought, or somewhat detached from what was going on. That wasn't to say he was emotionless, though. It still wasn't too hard to get a faint smile out of him, to make him laugh.. Even to get him horny! Still, there was always an understated quality to his expressions, even a softness to his tone when he spoke. As for why he's like that, or if he's just COOL? You'll have to find out!

        OOC STUFFS    

In terms of likes/dislikes, I generally enjoy a little bit of everything. Men, women, everything in between. Vanilla sex, something rougher, body worship, butts.. I really like butts. For more, feel free to message me. I'm very tell friendly. Thank you for reading this giant ass wall of text! <3

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human