Khristoff Constantinius

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Name: Khristoff Constantinius
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Build: Toned and slim.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Theme Songs: Crusader - Saxon (;
Hair of the Dog - Nazareth (
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In a time before, Khristoff was born when life was simple. Grain was harvested, towns traded with one another, and nobles ruled over common men. Then, came a time of war; great conflicts arose by religious fervor, and many were put to the stake and the sword.

Khristoff was one of these people. However, through some unknown event, he ended up here in the universe of Sinfar. He is content to leave behind his past, and look towards the future.

Full History:

Originally, Khristoff resided in the fantasy world of Vynari, similar to Faerun. He was born on a farm, subject to multiple attacks by monsters and barbarians. When he grew up, he joined the military, often fighting holy wars to spread the faith his nation belonged to. Ironically, he would perish during this time, burnt at the stake, fading out of Vynari and into another plane.

The new Khristoff, a successive revenant having regained his past memories, is not as fervent as his former self, yet retains some of the same knightly values. Due to living in Sinfar, he has adapted many of their customs, while attempting to remain "normal enough" to not fall to temptation. His faith, originally drawn towards the righteousness of Torm, has now been shifted towards the vigilant Helm, who now fits his penitent behavior. The only way to recognize it is the symbol on his cloak.


Khristoff's face carried soft features, partly covered by facial hair, roped with a thick beard and a curtain of hair, colored black. His eyebrows rested above his sight, edges cut to ensure symmetry and no hint of a uni-brow. His irises were light-brown. When he spoke, it was with a humble, knightly baritone accent, like in the fairy tales commonly read.

Underneath his armor was a sculpted torso, with muscular arms that enabled him to lift the weaponry he established himself with. His skin tone was light tan, as if he had limited the amount of time he spent outside. His hands held a firm texture, nails trimmed below the fingertip to ensure cleanliness. His abdomen was split into six solid muscles. Along with his title of a former knight, there were few scars tracing his body, displayed as marks of combat from his home realm.

Further down was the same. Toned legs, down to his feet, that displayed years of travel. No inch of skin carried any hair, indicating he took the effort to ensure he was clean-shaven below. His feet were kept unsoiled, with toenails groomed just as the fingernails.

You know what they say: Speak softly, and carry a big stick. And carry some heavy stones, while at it.


Red: Pedophilia, blood and gore, scat, vore, rape, bestiality, death.
Yellow: Shemales/futanari/hermaphrodites, Dominant/Submissive, BDSM.
Green: Romance, foreplay, vaginal and anal sex, multiple positions, breast worship, penis worship, excessive ejaculation, titfucking, hotdogging, oral sex, cuddling, multiple orgasms, most exotic races.
White: ROLEPLAYING. The lifeblood of any character. On this one, I normally prefer regular RP over ERP, but it can always lead to the latter over time!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human