Height: Short even by Elven standards
Weight: Proportional!
Sex: Female
Bust: Look up!
Build: Lithe, dextrous, soft with little muscle showing.
Character Archetypes: Pirate with twisted luck. Accidental Ditz
Education: Law degree from Luskan (specialization in hostile acquisition), mail order wizardry course, training as a priestess of Selune, bachelors of humanoid studies from Luskan

Alicia came to sinfar as a pirate, with poor form and demeaner. Almost a brigand through and through working as a cook and lawyer aboard her father's ship. Things changed rapidly from then after a rather enlightening encounter with fey vengence that left her with a disposition towards change for the better. She runs extremes.

Alicia has changed a lot since then now calling herself Navie, walking around in a number of short forms, looking like an elf of some description or pixie intermitently, twisted magics of others and the plane taking toll on her. She seems to be taking 'well' to it, or is so far in over her head theres no going back

Red: Rape (Stockholm Syndrome doesn't apply to this), Server Rules Violations, bathroom.... things.... (doesn't apply to violations of privacy though if that happens expect some things to be 'glossed over', just the real nasty stuff is going to bother me) OOC 'no' means NO!

Yellows: Non-Magical-Amputation, meta-gaming (I don't actually mind some if it gets things moving but do ask.) - big rule of thumb is I'll message if I have a problem

PNP Style Things:
3: Wizard
3: Cleric
10: Mystic Theurge
10: Incantrix
10: Lore Master
3: Rogue
1: Shadow Dancer

Ranks - Concentration: 40, Craft: Alchemy 20, Decipher Script: 20, Diplomacy 8, Decipher Script: 2,  Knowledges (Arcane) 40, (Religion) 30, (Nobility) 4, (Planes) 20, (Nature) 5, Spellcraft: 40, Hide 43, Listen 43, Movesilent 43, Intimidate: 10,, Professions: (Cook) 24, (Lawyer) 15, (Sailor) 13, Sepllcraft 40, Sense Motive 18

Race/Species: Fiendish (Template) Pixie

Feats: (Pixie) Weapon Finesse, Dodge
Levels: Iron Will, Silent Spell, Skill focus: Knowledge Arcane, Craft Wonderous Item, Practiced Spellcaster: Wizard, Combat Reflexes, Brew Potion, Spic Spellcasting, Craft Epic Wonderous Item, Mobiility, Enhance Spell, Widen Spell, Escew Materials, Efficient Item Creation: (Wonderous Items)
Class: Incantrix - Extend Spell, Empower Spell, Maximise Spell, Persistent Spell, Lore Master - Ignore Material components

Prohibited Arcane Spell School: Conjuration
Lore Master Secrets: Inner Strength, The Lore of true Stamina, Applicable Knowledge, New Found Arcana, More newfound Arcana

Pixie Modified Base Stats (Base NWN style 30 point level buy+Levels (10)+Racial): Strength: 6, Dexterity: 18, Consituttion: 12, Intelligence 32, Wisdom 20, Charisma 16
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf