Zoete Quelanna


Standing at all of 4'2" and not looking to weigh more than 75lbs, Zoete appears to be of elven descent, judging by her pointed ears and fair complexion. However, the small grey horns that sit nestled within her green streaked, black hair suggest there could be some infernal or demonic heritage (or maybe she's just part goat). Her horns would not be the first thing one notices about her though, when one looks into the eyes of this young elf they would see only their own reflection staring back at them through the twin-mirrors that seem to fill the whole space, replacing the usual iris and whites.

Her body is quite slim with small breasts and only subtle hints of feminine curves in the way her waist narrows, before curving out into small hips, a petite rear, and slim thighs. The whole structure covered with a pale silver-grey skin, silky smooth and lacking any defect or blemish.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf