Sorith Tir'ein

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A small, emerald eyed wood elf barbarian girl. Though she appears well civilized now, her strong legs, toned stomach and round ass speak of her upbringing running wild in the forests of her people.
Outwardly her youthful appearance, sparkling eyes and polite smile screams innocence, but the clothing choices... Her taut, tanned, hourglass figure displayed in a way that leaves little to the imagination.
A full pert bosum strains at her much too small blouse, nipples poking visibly. Her cheeky, muscular little ass just wiggles teasingly as she walks. Two plump, firm globes eagerly on display to any welcome eyes.
She has now been in the city for a while and has embraced the sinful culture, much less prone to dressing in her kin's clothing choices and more to revealing, "city tramp" types of dresses and skirts. She has developed a taste for Fashion and enjoys multiple choices in her wardrobe and often spends her days shopping or in a local bathhouse, if not reading or relaxing in one of the city parks.

Whites (Completely open to approach RP): Females, BDSM, Shemales, Spanking, Males (but requires decent RP and Maturity)
Muscles, Strong, Muscular types who can throw her around easily. Seduction, Flirtation.

Greens (RP Determines): Bondage, being Dominated, Multiple partners, Orcs and Kin, Dwarves, Elves and Humans.

Yellows (Ask first): Rape, Beastiality, Demons or Mind Control

Reds (Please just avoid): Few... Death Dismemberment, Gore, Torture or scat/toilet play, Pregnancy, Lactation or Breeding RP. Master/Slave or monogamous possession.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf