Vaxtros Hern

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(Updated: 8/01/2018)

Given Name: Vaxtros Alvien Hern
Birth Name: Suachotiich
Age: 386
Gender: Male
Race: Silver Dragon (Ascendant)

Profession: Retired Adventurer and Cat Ta Berry Protector
Former: Traveling Cleric of "Bahamut, Lord of the North Wind"

Vaxuna Hern (Daughter, Half Silver Dragon / Half Bunnykin)
Siksta Lleisgarir (Father, Silver Dragon)
Itov Hern (Mother, Elven)

A son he has seen little of.


"Human" Form:
(Achieved through polymorph ability, True Seeing reveals his true form.)
Ears: Faintly pointed tips noting some degree of elven heritage.
Eyes: Silver iris
Skin: Fair
Height: 6'0"
Build: Blocky, as if someone had taken a larger person and compressed their height.

Half Dragon Form:
Facial Features:
Though his form is mostly humanoid in nature the pronounced shape of his head easily denotes his draconic nature. His head shares the similar structure as that of Silver dragon's but with a lean and sharper angle to his face.
Eyes: Orbs of silver and gray that swirl like mercury.
Skin: Thick layer of small, smooth, arrow head shaped silver scales cover a majority of his body.
Height: 7'1"
Wings: His wings extend from the upper edge of his shoulders blades and out along the thick arms of his wings. The membrane of his wing is attached to his back and runs down along his spine  eventually ending just above his hips. Wing span: 9'4"
Muscular Structure: Lean with long arms and legs.

(True Form) Physical Description:
(If seen while not changed using his Polymorph Self spell or seen using any means of True Seeing, the following description is what can be seen.)

In his true form Vaxtros is a towering adult silver dragon that easily measures close to two stories tall. It is rare to see the large dragon in his true form and rarer still to see him in his true form in a city.

Alternate Form:
Vaxtros can assume a humanoid form after some concentration.

Cloudwalking: A silver dragon can tread on clouds or fog as though on solid ground. The ability functions continuously but can be negated or resumed at will.

Darkvision: Out to 60 feet
Low-light vision
Immunity to magic sleep effects.
Immunity to and paralysis effects.

History and Lights:
Role-play to find out. I enjoy role-playing to find out more about someone's character and if you're interested in finding out more about him, just ask him.

Safe bet on lights, my reds include server rules and a few others. If you're not sure I will be ok with something ask me in a tell. I do not mind answering questions or talking in tells.

NG, Silver Dragon Cleric, Tell Friendly.

"Vagabond" (feat. FJØRA)
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human