Duryl Baenath

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At a glance:

A 5'2" male drow with ashen hair and cold, red eyes.

Notable Behavior:

Save for a few occasions, this male seems to favor full-body concealing attire. Apart from the elven frame, height, and some ilythiir house symbols on said attire, there'd be no indication of his heritage.

The Head:

At rest with a look of contempt for all he sees, this dark elf's face is set with two crimson eyes that hold all the warmth of a glacial winter. The white-grey ashen locks of hair adorning his scalp are well-groomed when freed. A long-faded scar of a cut crosses horizontally from his right ear to under his eye.

The Body:

Fit with typical elven grace, but without a trace of muscle. The frame is comically small compared to the other males of his race. While physically weak, however, he does still appear to be fit.

The body is adorned with various scars, telling of close-calls and other unpleasant injuries. Many of them appear to have been done with a slashing weapon, perhaps even a lash.
Player:Twisted Light
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf