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Name: Evelyn
Racial: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Age: Early 20's
Height: 4' 10"/147cm  extra with heels - varies of late
Bust: Very large
Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Build: Voluptuous, Buxom, Curvy
Scent: Her scent takes on the form of what is most alluring to the individual

The clacking of heels announces Evelyn's arrival, her movement a sensual delight to behold as if drawing attention to herself, her posture one of confidence.

She walks with a seductive swagger to her step, her broad hips swaying sensually, her breasts jiggling and bouncing delightfully with each movement made.

Evelyn often wears long stiletto heels, as well as boots, and keeps her sinfully gorgeous body scantly clad more often than not, seemingly enjoying the attention from others.

Her cute face is round in appearance, with high cheek bones and lush pouty lips. Those eyes of the blonde a deep sapphire blue.
The blonde's hair casacdes down her back in wavy ringlets to just below shoulder length, that hair often adorned and decorated with various brooches and clips.

The blonde's chest would be top heavy, supporting her double D breasts. Often favouring wearing various corsets, which enhance her generous bust and offer ample cleavage view.  

The half-elf has a curvy figure coupled with a narrow waist, that flares out to her wide grabbable hips and shapely backside. Her bubbly rear end just as impressive as her ample bosom, and sitting taut with just enough fatty layer to quake if struck. The woman possessing that much sought after hour glass figure.

Her skin would be silky smooth and tanned with no blemishes, the woman's body hairless from the neck down. The nails on her fingers well groomed, would be painted whatever shade takes the woman's fancy, her toenails receiving just as much care and attention.

Her exotic scent has no discernible smell, the scent changing from individual to individual to whatever they found most pleasing and arousing.
Player:Sinful Delight
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human