Linda Wetteel

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Name: Linda Wetteel
Race: Human
high: 6'0
Breast size: 38KKK
Eyecolor: blue

Linda a tall amazon warrior, wich she is proud of. And wear the mark of Rexuria as a tatoo on her back. Her body is build with plenty of muchles, both her arms and legs are rather hard due to the muchles. Her soft spot would be her big trible K breasts that she hide in her chestplate when she fight, but usualy she is seen with her chest naked.
Linda have little trust for males, and would never willingly let one inside her. She do not hate them, she just think they are too full of themself and see there there sex for be superior.

//ooc notes: The amazons of the dreaded lands are recuiting. we plan on onse again beeing active with atleast one event/meeting every month sometimes more.. every sister is able to throw a event if they like too.. Poke me if you wanna learn more or if you wanna join.

//ooc lights

Red: Perm death, perm slavery (do know that tempoary slavery is one of my favorite. Just not perm, cos i cant realy play a Amazon warrior then.)
If you cant dominate or controle this char with a spell, then you cant by ic abilletys ether. However if you can controle her by a dominate spell.. you can use some mind tricks on her.

Green: any kind of ERP, all races. all the gentle stuff goes in my green lights.

White(favorite): Good normal rp, Adventures, Events,  beeing captured, rape/group rape, toture, humiliation, beastical or other unique creatyres/demon/angel/animal or what so ever... The worse it gets the more i like it, so dont hold back!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human