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Name:  Redgar.
Gender:  Male.
Height:  6.1 feets.
Weight:  95 kg.
Hair:  Black.
Eyes:  Blue.
Body:  Strongly built.
Race:  Human.


Redgar is powerfully built and tall man. It is not difficult to note that he has a little more than six feet tall, broad shoulders, muscular arms and large hands.
He gives the impression of a strong man who always knows what he wants. He puts steps boldly and decisively, he stands up straight, he speaks without hesitation. He behaves like a typical leader, brave warrior, or just a conqueror who always gets what he wants.
Redgar deosn't like fancy clothes for men. He prefers clothes with simple cuts and the best dark colors. He always wears a wide, thick and strong belt with a small leash. The leash can be easily clipped to a person who goes near him on all fours.
Most likely he's about thirty years old. He has black hair and a neatly trimmed facial hair.


First and foremost he is a man strong and confident. Redgar has a strong character, he doesn't hesitate, he is brave and bold.
Redgar is certainly a domineering person. He likes to control, especially women. Willingly and with pleasure he gives the orders, and then he sees how these orders are executed. He loves when someone serves him.
Redgar really likes to break the resistance of others. He often behaves like a soldier, which probably once was. He can be stern and demanding, but he also likes to have fun, he often laughs, he jokes sometimes.
It's quite an intelligent person who has his opinions and can express it.
Redgar is a sadist, but he is not a psychopath or a mindless cruel. He just likes to humiliate and control.


- Good RP! :)
- BDSM, domination, pet play, humiliation, worshipping, deepthroating, anal sex.
- Long term RP, having slaves!
- Foxlings, catlings, bunnies.

- Slaves, pets, slutty or just submissive female characters.
- Slavery, prostitution, forced sex, rape play, cum play, degradation, and all this kinky stuff.
- Sissy boys.
- Public play.

- Submissive males. Sometimes, maybe.
- Piss.

- Pedo, gore, necro, anything against server rules, toiletplay.

Tell friendly. If you would like to play with me, just let me know. ;)
Any questions? Feel free to ask me.
- English isn't my native language, but I'm doing my best.

- Do you want to be Redgar's slave, pet, living doll, bitch or a toy? Let me know!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human