Lady Selena

Selena is a young lady (around twenty). Her hair is blonde and seems to be very longue. A long braided is visible and wrap. Her skin is brown (more like a arab than a black). If you see her body naked, you can see that she has a lot of tattoos on her body. It seems to be tribal tattoos. Maybe Amazon tattoos.

Also, her skin seems to be more pale sometimes and the color of her eyes is too colorful to be natural. But she a human. Her size is normal for a human (1m65 or 5 pi). Finally, she seems to like dark clothes. You can see two small swords in her belt.

For the rest, about her. Go to see in RP.

Green : Social Role Play, good RP (like political RP, spying, invest in a serious RP in a faction), monk RP (meditate, see my character evole in time, learn some skill fight in RP), adventure, conflict RP.In ERP : She's bisexual. Women (whatever your race), Men (whatever your race, Futa (whatever your race).,

Red : PVP (I don't like that. I can assume my RP but I prefer the rolls. It's more fair. Indeed, we're in social server, not arena server), people who mix RP and OOC (My character is my character. If I try to kill you, in OOC, i'm friendly, so please don't mix). People who don't understand than english is maye complicate for me. It not my native language so please, make an effet because I do an effort too. :) . In ERP : disgusting shit, beast, torture. I'm simple in ERP.

Thank to read my description. Sorry about my english. I'm friendly as I said so please. You can RP with me.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human