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Race: Fae
Sex: Female (no extra bits)
Hair: Raven black
Bust: Bouncy D

Greens: Roleplay, Shemales, Cum play, Tentacle, Lesbian, Squirting, Corruption, Breast play, Lactation, Lot of cum, Cum inflation, Oviposition.... Pretty much anything that goes around it
Yellow: Vanilla sex, Mens, Fem boys, Permanent body modification, Pvp
Reds: Anything against server rules, Scat, Water sports, Metagaming, Perma-death (Unless there's no other rp way out)

// I can do pretty much any kind of RP, ERP or OOC chat in english but french is my native language.
So don't get mad if I write slower than my usual. I'll do my best to accommodate :)
Tell friendly: Just ask if you have some questionings
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf