Gender : Female
Race : Fallen Celestial
Occupations :
       Hellfire's High Mistress
- Short Bio -

An ex-slave who killed her master before running away. Having enough of the beating and bad treatment of her master she killed him during his sleep, choking him to death with the chain he had bound her with. As her master died the spell he had cast on her worn off and she was able to flee.

She still bear the mark of her collar around her neck, a red band going all around her neck, the mark was caused by the burning spell on the collar her master was using to keep control over her. She can often be seen rubbing the mark with her hand, the burning sensation will stay for ever.

-Shape Shifting Form-
Celestial (Normal Form)
Deli (Her wife's form)
Delissa (Her daughter's form)


Green : Lots of stuff, female, shemale, herm, ferals, animal, bondage (recieving/giving), master/pet play, etc...

Ask me if there is something you're really not sure about, otherwise I'll deal with it IC'ly. Come at me with whatever you want.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human