Jex Ysstholmundr

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Name : Jex Ysstholmundr
Race : Lizardfolk, Frilled Lizard
Gender : Female
Age : Adult
Profession : Healer

Scale Color : Green with orange stripes on the arms
Scale texture : Smooth, Snake-like
Horns : Two, Black, Pointing backward
Ears : Long and prehensile
Neck : Neck frill
Neck Frill colors : Brown (edge), Light Orange (middle) and Dark Orange (base)
Tail : Long, thin and prehensile
Claws : Black, Blunt

Height : 5'9"
Weight : Light
Build : Slim, Curvacious
Piercings : None

Clothes : Varies, but usually has an orange scarf
Behavior : Friendly, Playful, Submissive and even obedient in a few scenarios
Orientation : Heterosexual
Particularity : Vulnerable to transformative effects

:::General Information:::
> At a glance, there isn't much to say about this lizard. She doesn't seem very intimidating and she's constantly on the lookout to help anyone in need. Her features, although lizardy, are quite cute and peace-inducing. She constantly wear a talisman upon her neck, representing a silvery star. During dark times, the star shine with a blinding light, giving out its holy symbol nature.

:::Intimate Information:::
> The reptile always tried to be benevolent in each of her choices, and it seemed to know no limit. Ask her something and she'd likely do it if it doesn't wound, humiliate or annoy her! She's a great understanding companion with an open mind.. She goes along with almost anything. As for her actual sexual preferences, she seemed to delight herself quite a lot in presence of a large males, even more so if said male has a reptilian or furry nature.

Butt : Bubbly, squeezable and quite fun to grope!
Tailhole : Tight and deep
Sex : Plump, smooth and inviting
Clit : Short, but fleshy enough to be toyed with.

White List : Steamy, hot, sloppy sex. Panting, saliva, vigorousness(rough but caring), breeding/impregnation, heat/rut, creampie, ahegao, cumplay, flirting.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human