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A kobold in a power armor. I'll add more later. Prolly.

OOC Info:

Lights and ERP stuff in general:

I like to both RP and ERP, usually open to approaches and tells as well as setups. I like to take proactive roles and while I don't negate the dom/sub synergy I believe that a sub can be proactive and lead the scene just as much as the dom. In general, I'm here to have fun!

Plenty of greens. Make friends and try your best, hope I'm in the right mood and all that. If it's not in red or yellow just go for it. A really rare chance for me to say no. But really, plenty of kinks I enjoy.

All sort of permanent things as well as any kind of mind-affecting stuff. I'm generally fine with the latter but I'd like to give permission beforehand for those type of things.

Slimes and tentacles are also an "ask first" thing. It's very mood dependant as much as it depends on what you want to specifically do with it.

-heavy bondage/BDSM
-heavy pain
-non-pleasure pain (you know what I mean)
-Being treated as a sex toy (Giving me no wiggle room to roleplay is what I mean by this)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human