A man just a touch taller than 6', apparently in his forties, whose skin tone evokes sunny and sandy lands. His build is on the lean, fit side, showing he is taking care of himself even if his musculature is nothing impressive, only visible thanks to a clear lack of fat.

His eyes are of an odd golden hue and seem as if radiating uncannily depending on the viewing angle.

That intense gaze combined with the controlled variations of his calm, warm tone of voice and his fluid, dexterous gestures might grant him a somewhat magnetic aspect when facing someone.

An attentive observer, he will often scrutinize the mannerisms of his interlocutors during conversation.

A mesmerist eager to explore the mysteries of the mind. His occult powers allow him to empower his allies or debilitate his foes. When not dealing with serious business he also enjoys leisure and entertainment easily offered in the islands.

The usual. Anything related to impregnation. Permanent alterations (giving and receiving) unless interesting and long lasting RP warrants it.

Feel free to come and interact with my character. It doesn't have to lead to ERP.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human