A man just a touch taller than 6', apparently in his forties. He is muscular enough, though his real strength seems to reside elsewhere, as shown in his piercing and perhaps magnetic silver eyes which radiate confidence and an unique inner power. The supernatural aspect about him is rather obvious for those trained to perceive such.

Though he certainly doesn't lack emotions, nor humor, his behaviour hints he's not the sort of person that one will hear giggling or chuckling. He won't cry, complain nor get angry easily either. Mostly, he just holds his composure and it's more of an authentic nature than a worked posture.

His voice matches that demeanour well, deep and calm, with a touch of exotic, perhaps arabic accent.

Provided one hasn't crossed a line with him before, he will probably welcome a conversation, with a brief and polite smile.

The OOC part :

Every kind of RP is welcome, including ERP if the interaction heads that way. Character is a mesmerist (think of PF class) specialized in affecting minds both in positive and negative ways. If they ever get used, how his abilities will work or not on your character is completely up to you. Rolls vs spells are welcome if you want them but I'm not wishing to force anything. This is the only "spoiler" about the character that I will mention here because I know not everyone likes such abilities.

Red lights for ERP include gore, scat, sexual interactions with masculine males, giving/receiving permanent changes unless specifically agreed on first.

Do you want to RP ? Approach IC or send a tell.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human