Giofraele Feinor

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Former guard and now a noble and bussines manager, this man, not tall but very strong,has a cold and calculating temperament, blue eyes, blacks hair and shapely chest.
A gold piercing decorate his right eyebrow.

On the left pectoral,he has a small tattoo,a red heart,above you can see the symbol of the Feinor family and with an elegant calligraphy written two single letters L.F.

After a long absence for a long travel on his native lands,him retuns back.
Now works near his wyfe Lys,managed and lead The Red Kiss at Saban and the Dark Water on the Mur Vilagge Marina.

Age : He looks as around of 40 years old.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.(dominant)


Things I would like to "live" like Gio:
Long term relationships(marriage,friendship).

RED : anything going against the rules of the server.

OOC: english not are my native language but i try to do the best i can.

Italian Player.

OOC INFO : my characters are not me, so everyone has a different way of playing and to be,you evaluated this before contacting them.
I prefer not to lie and hope to meet peoples who do the same.
Do not blame me if at some point I will start to avoid you if I do not see this thing.

Music Theme:

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human