Jessica Siamne

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Bronze skin and golden hair.

Tall and slim with a dancer's grace, she's found her calling as a would be adventurer!

Taking up her bow, she heads into the world to make her place among the heroes of legend....or she sure hopes so!

When not hunting or being a brat, she's often found sitting someplace quiet, reading a book.

A gentle fragrance of wild roses surrounds her, a subtle perfume from her homeland and one of the few possessions she managed to rescue when she had to leave suddenly.

Recently, she's found a new love interest; A tall, dark skinned man named Sha'kar. Always sneaking doe eyed peeks at him when she thinks he isn't looking, it's obvious she's smitten with him.

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: It's not polite to ask *winks*
Age: Old enough to know better and still to young to care!

Drama, Scat, Vore, anything against server rules, meta-gaming, waking up early, being told she has to actually ~work~ for a living (ugh!) etc. etc.

RP, Sha'kar, Romance, Hunting and Exploring, strawberry ~anything~, long candle lit bubbles baths.

Tell friendly, if in doubt ask or rp it out and see how things develop.

Portrait Updated 11/24/2017
Bio Updated 9/01/2017

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf