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<<OOC NOTE: Due to the freeze command's limitations, if you see her standing straight up arms to the side, safe to assume that is not how she is posed. You may see the statue Rook move time to time, that is me OOC having to reset her pose for your enjoyment. Please let me know if you notice her standing this way, or abnormally for you!>>

At A Glance (the quick):

Eyes: Bright electric Emerald green
Hair: Very light green, unkempt, natural though not dirty or messy and about jaw length at it's longest
Height: 5'2
Approx. Weight: 110lbs
Build: Ahtletic, wiry
Figure: Curvy despite her athleticism
Skin: soft, light violet
Tail: 5' long, spaded tip, prehensile
Wings: Approx. six feet in span with lighter coloured webbing
Sex: Female
Scent: Post rain mossy earth with a hint of vanilla mixed with faint trace of fresh coffee bean
Bust: 36EE
Tush: Bubbly and tight
Race: Gargoyle (If IC is familiar, if not feel free to rp!)
Approx. Age: Looks to be mid twenties (Scent and those thoroughly in the know would be able to discern more, rp if this applies!)
Special Abilities: Can climb pretty much any surface due to her clawed feet and clawed fingertips. Capable of gliding flight.

((When encased in stone, it is impossibly smooth in texture and would give off a slight heat barely felt))


Red: Pedo, gore, vore, scat, anything against server rules, OOC drama, OOC rp, penises/tentacles and or ovipositors that would split Rook in twain.

Yellow: Rape/non con (OOC consent and set up please, consequences to be expected IC), water sports, BDSM (depends on mood and those present)

Green: Role play, character development, adventure! Exploring! Friendships, hanging out, relationships. Sexually? The list of green/white activities would require a small publication...if in doubt send me a tell. Very tell friendly if you even just want to chit chat.

Whites: Eggs!, statue play, cum/mess naughtiness, anal play of all sorts, oral (giving), vaginal...all manner. Pampering (when appropriate ;) beastial/feral play, dice rolling!

The Novella (the long):

This young little Gargoyle stands about five feet and two inches tall. here almond shaped slightly canted eyes are a bright emerald green that show very little of the whites of her eyes with a round pupil centered in her irises. Her hair is a rich dark sea foam green colour that sits short, but down to her jaw in places and is usually worn...however it manages to find itself. Her plump little cheeks dimple when she smiles and her cute button nose sit over a pair of lush soft lips. Her teeth are pointed and sharp with quite pronounced canines while her tongue has a pointed tip and if stuck out fully would push five inches past those pleasant lips. A comely feminine curve to her jawline and a little chin just begging for a finger to cup it. Her ears are pointed and can swivel slightly. She has a pair of black horns on the top of her head near to her forehead. They curve backwards with a little bend and looping. Her eyes will glow a red colour when agitated.

Her frame is slender and small. Her musculature hard to see under a thin layer of fat that gives her a cuddley soft appearance and feel. Her skin is scaled ever so finely so as to be hardly noticed Upon touching it would feel smooth like a snake's and is coloured a slight soft violet colour. Her bust is a modest EE cup and would look big enough to fill a hand easily but nowhere near overbearingly. Her breasts sit in a naturally pert way and would sway ever so slightly when she walks or moves. Perky small nubs for nipples and her areolas are only about an inch and a half in diameter. For a female of her small size, her breasts would look to be quite generous on her, lending to her hourglass figure. Her waist tapers down only slightly before flaring out a bit more as your gaze runs over her wide feminine hips. Her rear end is bubbly and tight, the bit of fat under her skin hiding powerful musculature. A long tail just longer than she is tall sways behind her at about five feet in length. It has a spaded fleshy tip and looks to be quite flexible, prehensile even.

Between her legs a full female sex can be seen, her plump labia barely concealing her inner lips a soft shade darker than the rest of her skin. Sitting atop and mushed nicely between her outer lips is her average sized hooded clitoris. In between her luscious cheeks is her little ringed muscle, a good few shades darker than the rest of her skin.

Her legs are powerfully built and though the cute layer of fat yet hides her firm musculature still, it is evident that her legs are quite strong. Little soft spikes come off of each kneecap and jut upwards. Her legs bend back and then down like any of her race and she has a pair of dew claws along the backside of her "shins". Her feet only have two clawed toes that look sharp and powerful. She stands upon the balls of her feet, supported by tough footpads on the underside of her lower extremities.

When she walks, her hips sway slightly and she has an exquisite grace to her. She moves in an almost fluid dance like manner, every step well placed and flowing in a winsome manner.

Her hands have but four clawed fingers that also look quite strong despite her small size and athletic build.

Her wings look to be about six feet across when fully extended and while strong looking, they do not look like they could lift her from a resting state. Her wings are supple and leathery and mid way down the "arms" of them she has a little three clawed paw that can clasp and grab at things. When she does fly it is more like a glide, though she can flap them to adjust her height and trim her passage through the air. If seen, she would likely climb something first, with her hand and foot claws allowing her to gain purchase on even the hardest surfaces.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human