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Being of many forms and faces, usually seen in the one she fancies the most:

Dark skinned, demonic looking creature of stronger frame and full curves, two horns and hooves defining what she seems to be. No matter how closely you look, you wont see any tattoos on her body.

Her face is crowned with shoulder length hair, of color so black it doesn't even reflect much of a sunlight. Her eyes are red but too light, to the point it feels unsettling when you look into them. Doesn't help they are faintly glowing in dark. Black shadows around her eyes and darker redish lips might be her makeup or natural look, there is no way to tell unless you touch it.

Starting somewhere above her neck, a line of small dark scales continuing across her whole spine and tail, making that part looking like it belongs on the body of lizard. The same texture is covering both curved horns, making them look coated in leather-like scales.
The tail alone is quite lively, swinging playfully from side to side, only occasionally wrapped around her own thigh.

She wears less than necessary, to be called decently clothed. Her chest is almost never covered, alowing her boobs freely jiggle around with every move, given their size which changes from big to bigger. Both areolas and nipples are on the larger side, hard and erected most of the time.

On her bottom, a rather small shorts, and on top of that, firm leather belt with tasset, covering outer sides of her thighs up to knees. What might catch ones sight is thin chain, one end hooked on her belt, the other ending somewhere in her shorts. What's hidden under them can and will change overtime, from having a flat crotch to bulge and can be recognized on sight.

She is walking around proudly, showing her body with no shame. There is not much to be ashamed about, her form is rather athletic, muscles playing under her skin. Despite the look, she can sneak around unanounced, covering her hooves with soft pads to not give away her location.

Her demeanor is confident towards most, rather amiable than unfriendly but those expecting her to dance at their will might find themselves unpleasantly surprised by the result.

Often found accompanying strong and tall greenskined man. At those moments, she could be even seen with her bottoms naked.
If you manage to find her in full female form, a strip of black pubes can be seen above her pubic bone, with swollen looking nethers of color slightly darker than her skin.
In the other case, an odd looking member would be found, half looking normal, from its base covered with normal skin, this part ending with fold similar to what can be seen on horses. The other half, growing from it, a dark red glans glistening with juices, this whole part covered with straight spikes of unknown hardness.


White is given and wont change, everflowing sand of time.

Greens are comprehensive, ranging from chit-chating to acts darker than should be discussed openly. By playing anything sexual with her, you should expect tentacles of many forms.

Reds are server rules, scat, breeding and any way of forcing her to submit, unless she does it willingly.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf