Key'rin Petnelis

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This bio is a never ending work in progress and will be occasionally updated when I feel like it. If you find any dumb typo, be free to send me a tell.

Name: Key'rin
Race: Elf?
Apparent Age: Legal
Size: Short
Gender: Female
Skin: White
Hair: Blonde, dyed.
Eyes: Green /Bright pink during some drug effects
Bust:  Busty
Figure: Frail, buxom, feminine
Faith: Seldarine, emphasis on Erevan Ilesere
Occupation/Job: Alchemist/tinkerer
Sexual Preferences:   Gynophilic
D/S thingie:   Sub/Powersub

 Key'rin is a little rascal. She's a missbehaving, bratty, prankster with zero cares in the world, including her own safety. She's quick to make bad decisions and even quicker to take advantages when she can.
  Her careless behaviour and usual bad judgment tends to keep herself into trouble, so one can always spot at least a few bruises on her body here and there, adding to those little scars to "stain" what would be a perfectly smooth body.

    A short blond elven maiden, not much to see there out of the usual. The little Rascal tends to carry a carefree smile.
   The musky smell of tabacco and cheap body-lotion tells a tale of a not-so-noble background along with  dozens of tiny scars of little cuts and bruisers here and there, gathered during way messier times then the one she lives now.

Other stuff:
 Candy: One of her own creation, on the form of a round pink pill. Key'rin usually takes it before doing something she knows can hurt her or threat her life, between other things, it greatly increases her resistance to pain and blunt forces. Its cons is leaving her reflex quite slow and on an almost dizzy state, which makes it completely useless for battles.

Stuff she likes:
Getting high;
Raunchy conversations;
Naughty/Drinking games;
Tall,Plump,Cuddly Woman(+);

TLDR: Blonde elf.
ERP Traffic-lights:

Everyday menlymen;
0 efforts ;

Furries (the heads can be a turn off, but it goes case by case.);
Breeding (its actually a green but i`ll fit it here for I rarely feel like rping pregnant);

All the rest is a go, but for the sake of exemples:
Being an absolute sizequeen(no limits there, not only related to member size but partner height too);
Violent themes;
Dirty themes;
Non-permanent body modifications(permanent needs convincing);
Non-Permanent capture/petplay(Just like above);
Ferocious/Reckless partners;

And so on... go on and ask if you'r in doubt, I already think you'r a weirdo just by playing here, wont get any worse.

That character music theme session no one cares:
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human