Nina Winters

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Name: Marina "Nina" Winters
Race: Apparently Human
Apparent Age: Twenty sumthing
Size: About 1,65m
Gender: Female
Skin: White
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Pale Pink
Bust:  Plump C
Figure: Frail, buxom, feminine
Occupation/Job: Witch, Alchemist.
Familiar:    Mean doggo, a grumpy kitten and an irritating crow.
Preferences:  Females, trans, femboys, dickgirls. (no particular order)
D/S thingie:  "Switch" with capital S


Wild magic: Sometimes her spells gets a weird turn, extra sparky, explosive or a bit more silly then it should, tend to not lose its effectiveness tho.
Enhanced sense of smell:   Like a hog sniffing truffles or a police dog sniffing coke, she's very good with it, can even smell magic and sometime distinguish spells via scent, so weird.
Distraction!:   She easily get distracted with nothing at all, giving her the superpower of sometimes ignoring some stuff that is happening around her and could destroy her sanity. Sometime it makes her ignore someone unintentionally too.
Witchcraft!:   She's a witch, that's what they do. No, that doesn't include cooking kids on a massive cauldron or turning princess into frogs, but may include voodoo, potion brewing, talking with spirits...


Rule breaking;
Everyday menlymen;
Animal heads ;
Characters with 0 efforts on bio or looks;
Not understanding the lights are just ERPwise and that I don't hate u.

Farming or dungeons  w/o rping
Cute vanilla hand-holding (Just for relationships);

Everything else. There's a F-list if reeeeeeally need more details.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf