Bethany Devonroe

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Bethany stood tall, just shy of six foot with a warrior's build. She carried very few visible scars on her face, though behind her body was enough to mark her as a veteran of many wars, more than her middle-thirties age would give away. She was fair looking, with scarlet red hair. Her body was toned by battle and a rigorous training regimen that she disciplined herself with.

She spoke with a soft, enunciated voice, well-educated and in a manner that would make it fair to describe her as a warrior-poet, despite her own distaste for the moniker. She often wore some well maintained plate that looked somewhere between a mix of religious vestments and plate armour, and carried a large axe at her shoulder.

She was muscular, though still retained an obvious femininity about herself in her voice, her face, and her body - which was curvy and almost teasingly confined within her armour. She carried the symbol of Tempus emblazoned on her armour and weapons, and could be seen often reciting prayers to the Foehammer under her breath.

Whites: PvP, Rough Sex, Anal(!), Biting, Exhaustion, Facefucking(!), Messy Sex, Dirty Talking, Rimming(!) (Giving/Receiving), Muscle Worship (Giving/Receiving), Bimbofication(!), Watersports(!) and Purification via less than pure means.

Greens: Literally everything else, no holds barred - get creative (and filthy)!

Reds: Permadeath, Vaginal Sex.

//Very WIP, lights included.
Player:Beloved Ally
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human