Calypso Wulv

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Divine Punishment, Gift of Nature, Divine Oracle, Heaven's Blessing, Heaven-Sent Warning


Like a wounded bird, I endure the rain with grace.

Race: Void Kitsune? Nogitsune?

Height: 5'2 (But can and will change)

Eye Color: Silvery

Hair and fur color: Black

Build: Athletic, if not lithe and graceful.

Tails: ONE, formally TWO

Scent: Grapes (Sometimes refined Wine)

Resembles: Bell Diams

This single tailed kitsune carries herself with both curiosity and caution in most public dealings. Typically wearing practical (if not comfortable) clothing, giving the impression she might not be your typical lady of the night.

Though she might not be a 'lady of the night' this woman DOES seem fairly at home in dark or dimly lit environments, and seems to thrive once the sun has set. Darkness and shadows seemingly bending to the girl's will alone, or perhaps a part of her very being, and quite capable in using them to fuel her foxfire illusions.

**Additional Features**

Her left hand is completely encased in what appears to be a gauntlet. No obvious way to remove it. It one were to look closely they'd notice an intricate series of interlocking runic symbols covering it, forming a chain.

She has a rather large scar upon her chest and back. As if something impaled her in the past.

Covering her torso, left shoulder, all the way up to her eye are intricate tribal tattoos of blue and green. The design having many abstract symbols upon it, icey motifs, and subtle eye patterns dotted here and there.

**The Blade**

A weapon clearly crafted with the intention of being beautiful and yet deadly, it was comprised of a unique metal known as Shadow Adamantine and as such much of the metal was as black as the darkest night, though rather than shining and glittering, it seems to absorb all light, though it still retained its blade like shape, the one exception to this was a vein like vine work along from the guard up towards the very tip, a silvery metal that seems to channel energy.

The crossguard and grip were kept very simple in nature, with a soft leather grasp and carefully done almost roots that slide down towards the pommel, the Pommel ended with a long tassle, one showing a stary night!

The Sheath itself was rather unique in nature, despite being comprised of wood and rather curiously thin in nature, it was harder than steel as it was made with a special resin mixed with the wood to create this. Carefully carved symbols within glow softly within the darker levels of light.

The blade is enchanted with a special layer of magic, whilst it will forever retain its sharp edge it was also designed to adopt and alter the magic within a Kitsune and allow it to channel through their strikes, whether one was Winter, Void or Fire it mattered little as their powers could be pressed through to bring forth rather startling results!

** End! **


((Note: If you can't deal with PnP abilities then don't expect me to 'deal' with yours))

Kitsune True Sight: Kitsune are treated as being constantly affected by the spell True Seeing as a magical ability.

Shapeshifting: Kitsune are natural shape-shifters, though their aptitude for it tends to vary widely.  Some can achieve great feats of change, others have trouble adapting any form beyond their True or Common forms.

Foxfire: The Kitsune can call on flames to generate light and to outline hidden items and creatures.  Its main purpose is light over harm.  Often used in various forms of illusion or trickery to great effect. Calypso can use the shadows for illusionary effects as well.

Possession: The Kitsune can sometimes possess mortals and use them as a vehicle to do their bidding, usually to aid them in some sort of scheme.  Often used by Kitsune not adept at shapeshifting.  An unwilling subject must fail an opposed mind save to be possessed. There are multiple kinds of possession available.

Illusions: The Kitsune are gifted illusionists; usually a Sorcerer has illusion school magics in their repertoire, and most Kitsune have some gift at misdirection.

Scent: Kitsune are able to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell. Kitsune can detect opponents within 30 feet by sense of smell.

**Powers of the Void**

Inari's Sight: Seer sight of the present, past, and future, though very under developed and random. If you want to send 'visions' to the kitsune, please be my guest. Comes with a big draw back (See Aura). Usually this is done by physical contact, but there are other ways to 'force' a vision.

Aura of Misfortune: Surrounded by an aura of misfortune, cursed upon the kitsune to balance out her Seer's sight. This can be anything from someone losing a bet, to stumble and bumping into things, or worst. Feel free to use it in your RP, and this aura can and does affect Calypso just as much as it does others.

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Lights and such

She has a cock, so yeh.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human