Alsyana Kiba

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Race : Kitsune
Gender : female
Age : Seems in her mid twenties
Height 5'2
Weight : 132 lb
Hair : Dark purple
Eyes : Green, with a silver ring around the irises
Bluid : Slender, toned
Gender : Female
Profession : Healer, apothecary
Religion : The Eight Million Gods


The three most important rules of Alchemy :
Label Clearly
Measure twice


A delicate young woman moving with grace and ease.
She often appears smiling, joyful, but most of all curious about pretty much everything that surrounds her.

Her features are soft, feminine with soft pouty lips and an almond-shaped set of dark green eyes, screaming mischieving and facetious. Although most of the time, her face is either hidden behind long strands of purple hair or a white ritual mask.

She likes to wear very light makeup, barely faint shades of purple at the corner of her  eyes, and high cheekbones complete her Kara-Turish/Asian looks.

When she speaks or smiles, one could easily
spot longer than average canines, sharp without being too prominent or vampire-sized.
Along with those fangs sways a single purple tail in her trail, sign of her fox spirit heritage.

Her outfits often show a decent portion of skin, not shy to show her slender yet curved body, bouncy C-cup breasts and an tiny round bottom, her overall silhouette showing hints of a trained warrior.

More often than not wearing white or blue outfits, a bunch of satchels, pouches and vials hang on her belt or thighs, filled with diverse herbs, surgical tools and potions to add traditional medicine to her divine casting abilities.

Most of her facial features are often hidden behind that white ritual mask painted with four vertical black stripes.
The only mark of affiliation is a simple tattoo on her right arm, showing two trees, one with a pool at the base and another with a dragon wrapped around it. This tattoo, for those related to Kara-Tur's lore appears to be the symbol of the Standing Tree Monastery, a monk order dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

While she seems at first tiny and weak (and certainly is, as far as brute strength goes) she is quite a nimble one and looks agile enough to avoid most opponents, or give them a run for their money.
Anyone knowing her can tell that she isn't the aggressive type and prefers to avoid unnecessary trouble, providing aid and mending the wounds of anyone needing it, standing back and healing rather than hurting anyone if she can avoid it.
Put against the wall however, she can be fierce, some would even say brutal, and ruthless.


I am very tell friendly, don't hesitate to PM me or walk up to Alsyana for anything !


Alsyana is not only an ERP character, she likes simple philosophical talks, small talk, joking around, nonsense and more! For the naughty stuff, see below.

Lights :
Green : Pretty much everything not listed in Red. Including but not limited to Domination (on the receiving end 80% of the time), large partners, shemales, monsters, tentacles, BDSM, Pet/Slave play, humiliation/degradation, slapping, choking, hair pulling, forced, messiness, namecalling, objectification, vaginal, anal, oral, various worships, walk up sex etc...

Yellows : Public Display. Heavily depending on the mood and involved parties.

Red : Bathroom stuff, Underage/questionable halflings, Vore, Death, maiming, permanent injuries, you get the picture.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human