Illia 'Twilight' Koval

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Name: Illia Koval
Race: Impure Garou (Garou and elven/werewolf mixed)
Age: Approx. 18
Sex: 100% female, no other bits and pieces.
Hair: Jet Black and snow white.
Skin: Soft and pale, though not sickly so
Eyes: Heterochromic. (Left- Icy Blue, Right- Vibrant forest green)


Often lately she has been taking on the form of a full-blooded wolf. Black fur speckled here and there with snowy white. At these times she wears a rather blingy golden collar, a deep red ruby hanging from the front, Inscribed and inlaid with gold is the name "Twilight" beneath which it says "Property of Zaeed of Saban"

What you see:

A petite young woman on the cusp of adulthood, Illia is a pretty thing to say the least. Relatively human features accented with her wolfish heritage.

Two-toned hair, black on one side and white on the other seemingly split perfectly along the center of her scalp, draped her head. Where white hair hung, A soft black-furred ear protruded, and where the black hair hung a white ear thrust through the raven locks.  

Those lustrous waves of silk framed a pretty heart-shaped face. Small black markings decorated her delicate features. However, the most striking parts of that lovely face were the heterochromatic colours of her eyes. The left eye was a soft icy blue while the right was a vibrant emerald green both alight with curiosity as she explored about the strange lands around her.

A long slender neck met her shoulders with a graceful curve leading the way to a pair of plump round breasts. Each of those globes peaked by a pair of warm rosy nipples. Her waist cinched in tightly only to flare out once more to round hips and a deliciously plump backside. All of which rested upon a pair of long slender legs. Swaying behind her, a large fluffy black tail wags about.

Though she was born on the isles, she was still very new to the lands in general. Having grown up squirreled away by her mother, kept safe from the influence of the beings that occupied the landscape. While not stupid, she was rather naive and perhaps far too trusting with those she met. In general, Illia is a sweet friendly girl with a definite submissive bent. She did have something of a wild streak about her, however. Eager to explore and learn new things.  


Reds are easy enough, no scat, and nothing against server rules.

Yellows are few as well. Mostly herms/shemales/women in ERP. I'm open to it but very picky in that department.

Otherwise, everything else is pretty much green but if you're not sure feel free to send a tell.
Player:Trashpanda Lives Matter
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Uknown