Mizuko Umiko Me'a'dagnir

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Live by the sword, die by the sword. Such is one of the basic tenants of the code of Bushido. Bushido or the "way of the warrior," values stressing honor and loyalty to country and family above all else. For Samurai, this means even in death by the enemies sword...or their own.

~Still Waters Run Deep~

Spirit folk are the descendants of humans and various spirits of nature. Spirit folk have three distinct races and all tie very strongly to the natural world as well as to the society of humans. Spirit folk tend to be serene and calm, attuned to their surroundings and at peace with the world. They manifest a love and enjoyment of life that many humans can only envy. Perhaps because of their strong ties to the natural world, spirit folk tend to seek balance between extremes. They tend toward neutral alignments. Their spirit ancestry gives them an awareness of the spirit world, and they show little desire to manipulate that world through magic. As spirits, spirit folk often get along well with hengeyokai, and they may have friends and allies among other spirit races as well. However, they do not usually join in communities with other spirit folk. Spirit folk typically live among and as part of human society; they are accepted as equals in human communities even when their true ancestry is known. They are members of human clans, citizens of human nations, and have blood relations who are entirely human. They are more tightly integrated into human communities, bound by family ties. Spirit folk share the religious habits of humans, venerating a host of spirits and fortunes. They typically venerate their human ancestors as well as their spirit forebears. At the same time, they are part of the spirit world, and never feel completely at home in the mundane life of a human village. Some spirit folk feel their difference from their human neighbors more acutely than others of their kind, and take up the life of an adventurer in order to find their own way in the world. Sometimes, sheer wanderlust drives a spirit folk to explore the world.


This lean, svelte beauty stands 5'9" tall and rippled in strong, toned muscles yet no less the feminine form. Said form is covered in pale, unmarred skin save the tattoos in hues of rich reds and sea greens that decorate her upper arms and left thigh marking her Dragon clan even now. However though, the colors she bears indicative of a secondary allegiance...perhaps the Phoenix clan. Soft, white hair like foam topping the tides of the sea cascade down to graze her waist while framing somewhat weathered features compared to others of her ilk. When not tied back and held in place by a cloth headband; those glossy locks framing her face sway messily about her serene expression. Often if dressing herself up a bit, one would spot braids, feathered loose sections, and glass beads of shades of the seas decorating her locks. Vibrant ocean blue eyes that one would swear were chiseled from sapphires hold a wisdom and discipline evident of one practiced as herself. From behind thin lips often painted a faded red that hold her quiet smile can be heard her quiet, slightly raspy voice ever solemn and serious though frequently more joyful in recent years. Should one get close enough to her, they might take notice of the "crows' feet" lines creasing the corners of her eyes, the only thing giving any indication of the years she's lived. Not one to be much for jewelry, she is virtually never seen with any pieces adorning her pointed ears, her long neck, nor her slender wrists. Her movements seeming fluid yet precise, deadly as the steel of her blades rips through her enemies almost too fast to be seen and with a terrifying force. From beneath her straw hat...or perhaps from behind her fan...her perceptive, calculating gaze scans the world around her and is always watching.

The Ronin, by the guidance of ancestral spirits, left her realm to investigate the truth of whispered prophecies and perhaps even seek enlightenment. This warrior found herself in a world she had never before seen. Though not unaccustomed to such a strong chaotic presence and existence, perhaps not even a lifetime of training and discipline could have prepared her for what lie ahead. Her daisho ever at the ready as she infiltrated a world teeming with enemies abound, searching for answers. On this journey; there was not much in life this samurai held dear. That which she did, she was willing to protect by whatever means necessary. In her time in this strange land, the woman has found a master to follow, serve, and defend, her blades once more at beck and call. Never in her wildest dreams however did she imagine the depths to which one provides service to a master. Ever in pursuit of the secrets and knowledge of the universe, she remains ready and willing to learn being appreciative of the "gifts" she's been afforded. Mizuko, now having adopted a new surname, only recently began venturing out once more.  The dedicated samurai having become a dedicated mother has spent the last few years tending to the needs of her young one and it shows in her visage. What manner of duties and tasks she now undertakes or adventures she now embarks on remains to be seen. One thing that is certain, no matter what happens in life her devotion to her family and her lord is unbreakable. It now is from here the story unfolds...

~Notable oddities as of late~

Upon close inspection one might notice the woman's eyes now glow a soft white, this mysterious glow seemingly arcane in origin. Those whom have had a chance to witness her retrieving contents of a small pouch always upon her person had they paid close attention would have noticed those are not teas or healing herbs within. A keen eye would have observed what is actually contained within is pink glowing dust that radiate with arcane magic, curious indeed. What is certain is that her newfound desire of arcane magics does not seem to be waning in the least.



Far as lights go simple, RP it out and I'll speak up if it's headed toward something I'm not kosher with. I expect the same courtesy. I'm down to take things to dice rolls if need be.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf