Aurélia Ravenhair-Dall

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A beautiful woman with a dusky and warm skin that can easily let you imagine her spending her time on the sunny beach.
                                   She is particularly athletic, got sparkling eyes of emerald and lovely fleshy lips. His body is a simple masterpiece that could leave dreamer anyone who dared wander his eyes on her.
                                  You will encounter her the most of the time dressed in precious fabrics, probably being concerned about it's image.

About her minds ? errr she's quite chaotic ... can be a funny friend, a shy damsel, a manipulator aiming to play with your feelings or even a kinky mistress, for sure she does love to distort her true nature depending on her mood.

Greens : females, submissive partners, bondage, funny rp, exploration
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human