Trisse Kelphyra

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Race: Wood Elf (part Sun Elf)
Actual IC Name: Trisse Kelphyra
Profession: Warden, (Former) Bladesinger
Age: 280
Build: Light, flexible
Religious icons:
Alobal Lorfiril (hedonism, revelry)
Corellon Larethian (magic, art, elves)
Elebrin Liothiel (gardens, harmony)
Rillifane Rallathil (rangers, balance)
Tethrin Veraldé (bladesingers, swords)

By elven standards, Trisse would be considered very short yet busty. Vibrant red hair lights up her timeless features, complimenting a lovely pair of green eyes. While definitely a Wood Elf, Trisse has visible signs of mixed ancestry that is difficult to notice at a glance, but it is represented in her skin tone, facial features and to some extent her way with words.

She is confident in her stride, and even her regular clothing bears arcane runes which hint at an educated upbringing. Trisse's age primarily shows in how she speaks, though her general demeanor shows her to be unusually calm, as if completely in control of any situation she finds herself in.

[Sexual Lights]
[Never Ever] Non-consent. I can't stand it, it makes me uncomfortable. Please just avoid the topic around me if able? Other than that, she won't sleep with animals, bulky men, or generally anyone to be honest. Roleplay is very much welcome.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human