Trissie Khalifa

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Race: Wood Elf
Profession: Warden, Bladesinger

Appearance ~
By elven standards, Trisse would be considered very short yet busty. Vibrant red hair lights up her youthful features, complimenting a lovely pair of green elven eyes.

[Sexual Lights]
[Favorites?] Your Pleasure, Flow in RP, Personality, Footplay, Cummy Messes, Non/Brief Penetration.
[Absolutely] Girls, Dickgirls, Boyish Guys, Non-Binary, A Romantic Touch, OOC Communication. Minor Filth, Lactation, Anything Considered Somewhat Vanilla.
[Run It By Me] Pregnancy, Kidnapping, Absolutely Gross Filth, Torture Play, BDSM.
[Never Ever] Non-Con, Bulky Men, Having Sex With Animals, Cervical Penetration, Victims & Rapists. Being Called A Shemale.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human