Name: Ysabet fi Almajhulun
Race: Desert Elf (with Efreet blood)
Gender: Female
Height: 4'7"
Build: Slender, Feminine
Eyes: Blue
Chest: C-cup
Notable Features:
*A single fang poked through between Ysabet's lips
*Ysabet had little horn nubs on her forehead
*Ysabet radiated heat, as if her body temperature was far higher than normal.

((Reworking, hold tight!))

REDS: Bathroom Stuff, Torture/Maiming/Gore, Pedo, Etc.

YELLOWS: Anal, Permanent Things, Public

YELLOW-GREEN: Rape/Non-Con (Just ask if I have time first!)

GREENS: All Genders, All Races, Beasts and Beastmen, Greenskins and Monsters, Fiends, Celestials, Oral, Vaginal, Being Dominated, Risk of Pregnancy, Breeding, Minor/Temporary Mind Control/Influence, Temporary Transformation, Body Modification, Corruption, Semi-Public, Nudity, Etc.
Player:Nomadic Code
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf