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Name: Oma
Race: Human
Height: 5'
Skin: Well tanned
Eyes: Brown
Build: Slim
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Oma is a slender young woman in her early twenties, standing at an unimpressive five feet tall. Her form is slender and slight, with a hint of muscle definition. Combined with her healthy tan, it seems certain she's no stranger to hard work beneath the sun. Her deep brown hair is kept tied back in a simple, functional style.

A thick-gauged piercing is visible in her tongue when she speaks or otherwise opens her mouth, a perfectly rounded, blue-turqoise gem shining prettily, almost fiery in some light.

Her tanned skin is almost unmarred, smooth and soft. The young woman's features practically glow with the beauty of youth, elegant and flawless. She smiles infrequently, but it's a very pleasing, welcoming sight when she does. Her manner is upright and formal, always straight-backed and well turned out.

She favours clothing in bright colours and flowing fabrics, usually in somewhat conservative cuts. Her outfits always flatter her petite form, accentuating her grace and poise and trying to distract the eye from her slim hips and almost flat chest. Her clothes are usually adorned with a brooch made from petrified wood, painstakingly carved in to the shape of an owl in flight.

She always wears an intricate bracelet on her right wrist, five mother-of-pearl discs connected with delicate silver chain, four of them set with amethysts. The fifth is engraved in Elven script, bearing her name.

In suitably showy attire, it's easy to see a pair of scars along her collarbone, cut deep and deliberately to follow the bone structure.

Reds: Variable depending on mood.

Greens: RP, stories!

Bondage, blindfolds, choking, flogging, gags, knives, needles, orgasm denial, predicaments, s&m, suspension, etc.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human