Kaj the Rat

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Rats Rule

Species: Rat-kin
Fur: Naturally white, dirty with age and living conditions
Eyes: Red
Profession: Necromancer
Alias: Rat Queen. Slum Rat. Rat Boss. Her Majesty.


Tail: A sinewy, fleshy tail of blusish purplish color. At the end is a stinger, along with a few bloated poison sacs. Kaj has two poisons, one is a sedative and muscle relaxant, and the other is a mutagen that will turn the victim more and more into a rat (and subsequently loyal to Kaj) with each sting.

Arm: Her left arm is engorged with similar flesh as her tail, starting at her elbow and going all the way through her hand. On the back of the palm there was a slit, and occasionally it opened to reveal a milky, yellowed eye that could swivel around at all angles.

While Kaj is rather frail and weak physically, her mutated arm is exceptionally strong. Able to crush bones on its own, it offers barely anything for lifting strength, as the mutation does not cover her entire arm.

Tongue: Kaj's tongue is a light blue color and exceptionally long. She can get it down to her belly button no problem.

Insides: Kaj's insides are a mess. Most of her organs are somehow either connected to or fully enveloped in mutation.

Other notable bonuses/powers:

Super genius: Kaj is insanely smart. Literally. Despite her poor grasp on the common tongue, mathematically and magically she is leaps and bounds beyond most other mortals.

Flexible: Kaj is a rat, and therefore extremely flexible and can fit into tight spaces that most her size would not be able to. So long as she can fit her head through something, she can get through it.

Rat Queen: Kaj is a self proclaimed rat queen of the Slums and Sinfar city as a whole. A good portion of the rats are under her care, and she has establish a sort of pseudo hive-mind with them. She uses them for small errands, thievery, and spying.

Scent: Kaj has a very powerful nose. Perhaps not as stellar as other animal races, but still very powerful.


Rat-focused: Kaj is almost too loyal to her rats and other rat-kin, or rat-worshipers/slaves. This can be used against her, but really should only be used as a tactic against her if they are confident they can either best or completely avoid her wrath.

Lemons: Kaj is a slut for lemons.

Sweets: Kaj finds sweet things and flavors absolutely appalling.

~Collection of Crowns~
The Queen of Rats has lately taken an interest in acquiring crowns from 'subjects'

First crown:
A dirty, grubby, worn and aged crown, gotten from the pawn shop. She seems quite fond of it, often fidgeting with or adjusting it whether she's wearing it or not, just as an excuse to touch it.

Second Crown:
A small, golden crown with gems in it. Easily fitting between her ears atop her head when she wears it, this crown is in immaculate shape and form. Kaj usually saves this for more 'formal' attire, as rare that is.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf