The dark, blurry and hooded silhouetto is often seen watching from a distance, rarely coming close to crowds. No facial features are visible under the hood, only two orbs of glowing green light which appear to serve as eyes.

Vaguely humanoid both in size and way to carry themselves around, close observers will however be able to notice the "hands" of the being seem made of thin tentacles, apparently flexible and dexterous, rather than usual fingers. They will usually dangle by their sides quietly.

Sometimes one particular individual may appear to catch their attention, perhaps a mark of curiosity.

If heard speaking, their voice would best be described as discarnate, the origin of the sound hard to pinpoint. The other ambient sounds may sound slightly muffled when standing close to him.

For characters possessing lore of cosmology and planes.

An outsider whose essence seems to originate from places well beyond standard cosmology. A cosmic anomaly maybe reminiscent of the Far Realms. Yet, unlike other apparently mindless or otherwise incomprehensible horrors from that dreadful reality, this specimen seems sentient and able of interacting with humanoids in ways that don't result in immediate damage or loss of sanity for any involved party.

Summoning and pacts with such rare alien entities are not unheard of, and they are sometimes known as "demons" or "devils", though they share nothing in common with the usual denizens of the Abyss or Hells. Their agenda and motives remain mostly unknown, but common sense and wisdom would encourage some elementary caution.

Notes :

- Send tells if your character tries to learn more about Xolph with divination spells or other similar abilities.

- Character can use telepathy to communicate. I will use tells for such purpose. Whether it works or not with your character is up to you.

- Stealth mode is used only for blurry visual effect. Character has no points in relevant skills and is extremely easy to spot for any individual with functioning eyesight.

- Charm and Dominate spells can optionally be used to represent mind affecting abilities. You can also decide the outcome of such abilities without rolling anything.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human