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                "... quit climbing shit!"

¤ Description.
¤ Slum Lore - The Uncommon Mug.
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¤ She was too skinny, bony hips, ribs that showed through, no ass to speak of, and small palmfuls of pert boobs at best.

¤ An energetic, distracted mannerism marked her demeanor, a near constant smile, and a flighty hop-skip gaze that was always on the move.

¤ Her left hand was missing its ring finger, cleanly cut off, not even a stump remained.

¤ Though thin, she was host to wiry muscles, and her garb was often grubby or scuffed, with dirty hands and stained boots - Clearly athletic and frequent to muck about.


¤ Those from or often in the Sinifer Slums would know her well as a longtime resident and the owner of the Common Mug, or, Uncommon Mug as it was called now.

¤ A neutral ground for the various agencies of the slums itself, the mug hosted only one really enforced rule: everyone was welcome, but their prejudices, privilege and problems were not.

¤ Vex is generally known as an expert in the market of acquisitions, trading in handy information, confidentiality and all around problem solving. She, and the Mug as a whole, were recognized to harbor no grudges and refused to allow the qualms of others prevent her from doing business with anyone.

¤ It was perhaps of an unusual note for those entirely familiar with the slums politics that the Mug maintained such an independent footing in the face of the Union that ran the district. Yet tales would say the slum born street rat stood up to the Spice Queen herself and said 'no', with no particular repercussions - resulting in something of a ponder of just how much power the climber had managed to acquire.  


She cannot be caught flat footed, possesses uncanny dodge, epic dodge, defensive roll, evasion, improved evasion, and shadow step.

Though she rarely makes use of her inane getaway skills, please keep this in mind when your character tries to grab her, or her hat, and emote trying, rather than presuming success.

Skill notes per d20 SRD:

DC 20: An uneven surface with narrow handholds and footholds.
DC 25: A rough surface, such as natural rock, or brick wall. Overhang, ceiling, with handholds but no footholds.
DC 70: A perfectly smooth, flat, vertical surface.

-10 DC: if can brace against two opposite walls.
-5 DC: climbing a corner with perpendicular walls to brace on.
+ 5 DC: surface is slippery.
+ 5 DC: climb quickly.

-30 Modifier: can hide others as well as self.

DC 0: people talking.
DC 15: people whispering.
DC 19: a cat stalking.
DC 30: an owl gliding in for a kill.
DC 80: defeat illusion with auditory component.

+1 DC: per 10 feet of distance.
+5 DC: listener distracted.
+5 DC: through a door.
+15 DC: through a stone wall.

DC 60: sense magic.

Sleight of Hand:
DC 50: lift a sheathed weapon from another creature and hide it on self.
DC 80: make adjacent, wiling creature or object disappear in plain view. Separate hide check to determine how well it/they are hidden.

DC 20: notice presence of active invisible creature.
DC 30: notice presence of unmoving, living invisible creature.
DC 40: notice presence of inanimate invisible object or unmoving, unliving invisible creature.
DC 80: defeat illusion.

DC 35: free stand.
DC 45: treat fall as if it were 30 feet shorter.
DC 50: climb vertical surface.
DC 60: treat a fall as if it were 40 feet shorter.


¤ Assertiveness & Confidence. Rough stuff. Vexing. Masculine, gruff, bossy or broody males. Devils, claws and tails. Grabs, gropes, licks and bites with no questions asked. Questions. Teasing, risk, and consequences. Coercion, coaxing, sudden surprises. Messes and muffled noises, strangles and gags, scuffles, scuffs and being pinned down.

¤ All kinds of stuff. Males of the less masculine variety, females, shemales, whatever/he/shes of all shape and sizes. Outsiders & humanoids of most varieties, with or without fur. Multiple partners and penetrations. Toys, booze, handjobs and mouthfuls with an expectation to swallow. She's Sinfarian. C'mon.

¤ Tells about stuff. Not Vexing. Monsters and creatures with no humanoid resemblance, pregnancy and the risk thereof.

¤ OOC jealousy stuff. Animals that are just animals, piss, shit, puke and anything involving children or the portrayal of them.


Player:right that way
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf