Layll grew up in a pocket of one of the layers of hell, among other demoness' that were similiar to herself. Later in life the lands became more and more lustful, and either you raped one of your sisters, or they raped you. Through many give and takes, she became stronger. She then decided to find more of her sisters on the surface.

Sex: Shemale
Race: Demon


Red: Men, bondage, scat, watersports

Yellows: Boring vanilla things

Greens: Females, herms, Hyper/macro cock/balls, lots of cum, being dominant or being dominated, rape give or take, alley sex, group sex and many more, just ask.

White: Shemale on shemale, other demoness', romance between other demoness' shemales, enslavement (giving and maybe taking)

Ask for anything else
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human