Durendar Treebeard

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Name: Durendar Treebeard
Race: Dwarf
Age: 52
Height: 4' 6"
Weight: 205 lb
Class: Druid

Skin: Slightly pale
Hair: Black
Eyes: Midnight blue


Durendar hails from a dwarven city built under a dense, ancient forest. The dwarves of the Treebeard clan, while still very much like any other dwarves, are more in tune with nature because of this magical forest. Thus, the typically uncommon combination of dwarf and druid is much more common where Durendar is from.

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RED: Non-consensual, gore stuff (save the blood for fights).

YELLOW: Short-term charm & hypnosis (a few hours to a day).

GREEN: Pretty much anything that isn't Red or Yellow.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Dwarf